I may be known as the Goat King, but when it comes to finding bones, consider me the Hyena Prince.


Does anyone have clusters or points of crystals they would be willing to donate to/sell to me for a project I am going to start soon involving damaged, ethically sourced animal skulls?


This game is called “but is there enough peroxide?”

My latest work done for Beebs of Beebs & Her Money Makers. Check them out on Warped Tour this summer to see my work’s first appearance on stage!


Needed a break from sewing so I threw this together. #sodalite #leather #bracelet #bone #bonejewelry #jewelry


Clean little #raccoon #skull ! Not for sale or for use in my art so please don’t ask.

Listing // Rabbits are Roadkill on Etsy

Faux fur tails by Rabbits are Roadkill on Etsy.

Order here.

By Dead Dogma // Rabbits Are Roadkill on Etsy

Listing // Rabbits Are Roadkill on Etsy

Listing // Rabbits Are Roadkill on Etsy

Etsy Listing // Rabbits Are Roadkill on Etsy